Rebecca Smith - Principle Instructor

Becca obtained her undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Edinburgh and her Masters of Research in Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservation at Roehampton University. She is now studying towards a PhD in Conservation Science with the University of Aberdeen. She has 10 years experience working with non-human primates in Namibia, Panama and Puerto Rico. She studied the hooded capuchins of Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca for four years and has published several papers on their behaviour. She has presented her research at conferences in Paraguay, USA and England. She is a National Geographic Explorer and received the Lawrence Jacobsen Education Development Award from the International Primatological Society. She is now studying hooded capuchins in Pro Cosara (San Rafael National Park) and supervises studies of the urban howler monkey population of Pilar.

Karina Atkinson - Course Administrator

Karina is the co-founder and Executive Director of Para La Tierra. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Genetics from the University of Glasgow, and Masters in Zoology from Miami University. She is a Rolex Awards for Enterprise award winner (2012), Young Alumnus of the Year (2013, University of Glasgow), Global Conservation Fellow (2015, Miami University) TEDx University of Glasgow Fellow (2016), and Woman of the Year (2017, Valle de Aosta). She has published widely in both peer-reviewed and public media, mostly in the field of herpetology, and is actively involved in inventory projects in Paraguay. She is currently a Level 1 Investigator in the PRONII system of CONACyT with experience in a wide range of biological techniques including field and laboratory work. She has lived in Paraguay for eleven years.