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Experience real biological fieldwork techniques including VHF telemetry and camera-trapping. Design your own primatological study, and try your hand at shooting with a practice dart! 

You'll spend three weeks across two locations and three habitats in the heart of Paraguay, one of South America's least explored countries.

Starting in the endangered Atlantic Forest at Nueva Gambach you will learn about Paraguayan conservation and work with Capuchin Monkeys. Then it's back to Pilar in Ñeembucú where you'll get the chance to work with urban Howler Monkeys and to conduct your own study using your new found knowledge. 



Download the complete timetable: 

Introductions and all the background you need to get the most out of your experience. 
Mingle with the urban howler monkeys, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Themes include: 

  • Urban Howler Monkeys

  • Introduction to New World Primates and Paraguayan Primates

  • Paraguayan Conservation Issues

Activities include:

  • Howler Monkey Data Collection

  • Vocalisation and ID training

  • Study Design Workshop


Time to put your knowledge to the test in a field setting! Observe and study the wild Capuchin Monkeys resident at Nueva Gambach. Learn advanced field techniques and put new skills into practice in this most rewarding section of the course

Themes include: 

  • Hooded Capuchin Monkeys

  • Atlantic Forest Conservation and Ecology

  • Camera Trapping and VHF radio tracking

  • Primate Behaviour

Activities include:

  • Capuchin Monkey Data Collection

  • Blowdart training (practice)

  • Forest Exploration

  • Visiting our reforestation partners - Mbya Guaraní communitiy.

Round off your experience with your own individual or small group project. Collect data, analyse and present it to consolidate your new found knowledge and share experience with new friends.

Themes include: 

  • Howler Monkeys

  • Non-invasive biological sampling.

  • Data analysis and results communication.

Activities include:

  • Parasite Analysis Training

  • Census and survey methods.

  • Independent or small group projects.

  • Habitat surveys.

  • Oral & poster presentations 

Download the complete timetable here: 


What do past adventurers have to say...

“During my time with the PLT Primate Team I was able to develop new field work skills and had the opportunity to help develop and test new projects or ideas. If you are someone that has never done fieldwork before, don’t worry, this is a great program to join to teach you valuable research skills that can really help if you plan to do any type of fieldwork in the future or even with university.” – Anna, Ireland (2013/2014)

“My time with PLT was invaluable in helping me develop the skills I have needed to pursue a graduate degree in primatology. I not only developed the field skills needed to conduct my own research, but I gained a greater understanding of the importance of conserving fragile ecosystems like the Paraguayan Atlantic Forest.” – Emily, USA (2014/2015)

“PLT offered a place where I could progress in my academic career, engage my passions and interests and have a completely new experience.” – Bella, Australia (2016)

“This kind of fieldwork is tough but it is so rewarding to find a group of capuchins and observe their behaviour!” – Kelly, Netherlands (2016/2017)

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