Just imagine watching the branches crash together as a group of monkeys springs through the treetops, running through the forest in pursuit of a Capuchin "chirrup" or "whistle", or experiencing a wild monkey try to communicate with you through the leaves.

Fundación Para La Tierra was founded in 2010 and our goal is the conservation of Paraguay's natural habitats through scientific research, education and community engagement. Our team believes that education is the corner stone of any strong conservation project and we are committed to inspiring the next generation of field biologists.

Photography credits: Stefanie Heitmueller @ Photographers Without Borders 2017, Kirsten Holst/Rolex Awards for Enterprise, Anna O'Riordan, Matt Austin, Allison Stoiser, Joshua York, Daniel Schönberger, Sara Bethel, Rebecca Smith, Emily Briggs, Carter Payne,  Amber Haukedahl. 


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